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Wir haben unseren eigenen Map-Meister !
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ehemaliger Clan von hardc0re

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Bester Funkinternet Provider Österreichs!
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Bester Funkinternet Provider Österreichs!
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the first austrian CSM community, since 30.05.2004
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CSM is a Counter-Strike manager game where you will be responsible for a whole team of CS players, staff members and weekly expenses and income.

It is your job to find the perfect balance of your attention and make sure to be swift at discovering which part of your clan that needs to be worked on. Through different sections you can manage your players, finances, staff, tactics, matches and so much more!

Will you be on top of the game and advance to higher divisions or are the other clans too much of a challenge so you are forced to relegate to a lower division and try to work your way up again?

This all depends on you, as the manager of your own professional CS team and everything that comes along with it!

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Wer weiß, vielleicht bringt's was!?
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Call of Duty Hilfe, Tricks & Tips
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